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Iberdrola España, S.A.U. is the subholding company of the Iberdrola Group in Spain, which contains the equity stakes in the head of business companies relating to liberalised and renewable energy and whose activities shall be performed essentially in Spain, either directly, wholly or in part, by the company, or via ownership of shares or stakes in other companies, while remaining subject to the provisions of sectorial legislation applicable at all times, and especially to the electricity sector.

Iberdrola España carries out its business in Spain through the following parent companies for the businesses: Iberdrola Generación España, S.A.U., which performs the liberalised activities of generating electricity and marketing natural gas and electrical power; Iberdrola Renovables Energía, S.A.U., which performs the liberalised activities of generating electricity and marketing electrical power through renewable energy sources; and Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica, S.A.U., a company whose business is regulated and which carries out activities associated with transmission, distribution and third-party access to the electrical power grid.

Iberdrola España's main responsibility is to disseminate, implement and ensure monitoring of the general policies, strategies and directives of the Iberdrola Group in Spain and to centralise the provision of common services to these parent companies for the businesses, always in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation and, especially, regulations on separation of regulated activities. The parent companies for the businesses have their own boards of directors and have the independence required to perform ordinary, effective management of their businesses, and are also responsible for their ordinary control.

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Iberdrola Generación España, S.A.U. is a parent company of Iberdrola España's businesses that carries out the deregulated activities of electric power generation and electricity and natural gas retailing. Its corporate purpose is the carrying out of all kinds of activities, construction work and services related to the thermal energy production business, the supply of fuel and materials or primary energy of all kinds, the marketing and the purchase and sale of energy products and raw materials on the market, the provision of energy services in general and the promotion, setting up and development of industrial, commercial and service companies, as well as the promotion of innovation and technological development in relation to any of the activities included in its corporate purpose or related to its corporate purpose.

These activities are undertaken by Iberdrola Generación España, S.A.U., essentially in Spain, either directly, wholly or partially, or via ownership in stock, members' funds, units or equivalent stakes in other companies or entities.


Iberdrola Renovables Energía, S.A.U. is a parent company of Iberdrola España's businesses that undertakes the deregulated activities of electricity generation and electric power retailing through renewable energy sources and, consequently, is engaged in all kinds of activities, construction work and services related to the business of electricity production and retailing by means of plants that use renewable energy sources, including, but not limited to, hydraulic, wind power, thermosolar, photovoltaic or biomass-based production; production, treatment and retailing of biofuels and by-products; and project, engineering, development, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal of the aforementioned plants, whether own or third-party, analysis services, engineering studies or energy, environmental, technical or economic consultancy related to that type of plants.

The aforementioned activities are performed by Iberdrola Renovables Energía, S.A.U., essentially in Spain and are carried out either directly, totally or partially, or through ownership of shares, equity interests, stocks or equivalent in other companies or entities.


Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica, S.A.U. is the parent company of Iberdrola España that manages its network business. Its activity is regulated by the Electricity Sector Act 54/97 and its implementing regulations.

Our main function consists in carrying the electricity from the transmission lines to the end consumers.

From the standpoint of the regulatory framework, our most important functions are:

  • To plan, develop and operate the distribution network.
  • To expand facilities to cover new supplies.
  • To provide the service with the regulatory quality of service.
  • To measure consumption at supply points.
  • To bill access tariffs.

Improving the quality of supply is an essential part of the electricity service and one of the essential aims of distribution activity in our company.

The hallmark of the Iberdrola Group is its steady growth and its forward vision to prepare for society's future energy needs. Effort, talent, commitment and excitement are some of the main elements in our history of over 170 years.

With its different business lines, Iberdrola currently has different projects under construction, which have become true milestones for the company, due to their dimensions and to the commitment to innovation.

Iberdrola is a brand committed to protecting its environment and people. Therefore, it is currently the top European electric utility by market capitalisation and the global leader in renewable energy. A position built on values and firm commitments, with a corporate culture based on integrity and transparency, and with ethical behaviour at the forefront of its business model and decision-making chain.