Economic-financial Figures

You can consult the main economic and financial indicators and the evolution of the different Iberdrola España businesses in Nine months 2018 Results Report [PDF].

The EBITDA figures for Iberdrola España businesses at the close of the Nine months 2018 were:


The EBITDA rose to €1,313.1 million (+10.9%), due to positive resettlements of previous years and a higher level of compensation in connection with the favourable court ruling on facilities transferred to customers (ICAs).

Generation and Retail:

The EBITDA were €668.6 million (-1.6%).

  • With a 0.5% decline in output caused by the drop in nuclear (-5.7%) and thermal (-17.7%) output, which could not be offset by the combined gas cycles (+69.3%).
  • Lower margins due to higher procurement costs (+9%).
  • The negative impact of the gas business in comparison to the Nine months 2017 (EUR -91 million), primarily off the back of the extraordinary price review of our portfolio of supply agreements during 2017.
  • These effects are partially offset by the increased in the commercial activity, higher electricity sales volume, and a greater contribution from Products and Services.


The EBITDA grows by 46.8% to €701.7 million. This growth is due to the increase in production (+38.6%) thanks to the normalisation during 2018 of both hydroelectric and wind energy (load factor +0.9 p.p.) production.