Economic-financial Figures

You can consult the main economic and financial indicators and the evolution of the different Iberdrola España businesses in First quarter 2019 Results Report [PDF].

The EBITDA figures for Iberdrola España businesses at the close of the First quarter 2019 were:


The EBITDA has reached €436.8 million (+2.7%), mainly thanks to the positive effect of CNMC adjustments on distribution remuneration.

Generation and Retail:

The EBITDA climbed 67.9% to reach €389.5 million due to:

  • A jump in production, which reached 8,863 GWh (+10.5%).
  • A rise in revenue.
  • The reduction in the Tax allocation (-17,7%), mainly because of the suspension of the 7% tax on generation in the First Quarter of 2019.


EBITDA is on 218.9 million euros owing to lower production (-22.8%) due to a fall in hydroelectric (-24.2%) and wind power (-23%).