Economic-financial Figures

You can consult the main economic and financial indicators and the evolution of the different Iberdrola España businesses in First Half 2018 Results Report [PDF].

The EBITDA figures for Iberdrola España businesses at the close of the First Half 2018 were:


The EBITDA rose to €893.6 million (+15.9%), thanks to the recognition in 2017 of positive reassessments from previous years and the impact of a ruling on ICA-funded facilities for 8 million euros.

Generation and Retail:

The EBITDA were €397 million.

  • With a lower production of 10.7% caused by lower nuclear generation (-12.3%) and coal (-47.6%), which could not be offset by the combined gas cycles (+43.1%).
  • Lower margins due to higher procurement costs (+6%).
  • Greater commercial activity with a higher volume of sales in electricity (+633 GWh), products and services.
  • The negative impact of the gas business in comparison to the First Half of 2017 (EUR -164 million), mainly due to the extraordinary revision of prices of our supply contract portfolio.


The EBITDA grows by 32% to EUR 490.8 million, as a result of an increase in production (+33.2%) due to the return to normal of hydro power production during 2018 and the increase in the load factor of wind facilities (+3.0 basic points), compared to 2017.